Collabspot makes it easy to synchronize your Sugar contacts to Google

You can view your Sugar contacts directly from Google. No need to install anything into Sugar, just provide Collabspot access to your Sugar Contacts, and we will take care of the rest. To sync your Contacts with Google Contacts, follow the steps below:

How to start a contact sync in SugarCRM via Collabspot Portal: 

Collabspot's contact sync operates independently from the sidebar on your GMail. You will need to set-up contact sync using your Sugar credentials separately via Collabspot portal. 

To start using the contact sync, you will have to re-enter the same SugarCRM credentials you used when you initially set-up Collabspot (i.e. the SugarCRM username and password).

1. Open the Collabspot portal via Collabspot sidebar. Click on the Gear Icon. Click on Open Collabspot Portal on the pop-up menu.

2. On the Collabspot Portal, click on Contacts Sync on the left panel.

3. Start syncing by entering your SugarCRM credentials on the fields provided.

4. It’s best to place a tick mark on the checkbox beside “This could take a while. . .”. This is so you are notified through email if the contact sync is done.

5. Click on Start syncing to begin the Contact sync

Once the sync is done you should now see these two options:

  • Update my Sugar Contacts - Allows a user to manually sync contacts without waiting for the 1 hour interval between sync times.
  • Reset my sync data - Deletes the SugarCRM folder on Google Contacts and starts a new contacts sync.
Note: Contact sync only works one-way, from SugarCRM to Google Contacts. Adding a contact from Google Contacts will not sync that contact to SugarCRM. You will have to add the contact through the sidebar for it to appear on SugarCRM and sync back to your Google Contacts. 

What happens after the contact sync is done
Once the sync is completed you will see a SugarCRM folder created in Google Contacts. Collabspot will sync your contacts every 1 hour intervals.


Contacts Sync via Collabspot Sidebar

Collabspot has another feature in the sidebar called Sync to Google Contacts. This will allow you to manually sync any contacts (even contacts not assigned to you) directly from your sidebar to Google. Here is how to do it: 

1. Open the contact you want to sync to Google on the sidebar. 

2. Click on Sync to Google Contacts. Take note that the contact does not have to be assigned to you. 

3. Wait for a few seconds to a minute for the update in Google to take place.