How it works

  • During the initial sync, Collabspot will create a new calendar in Google called SugarCRM and will sync events that are assigned to you from SugarCRM to Google only.
  • After the initial sync, events assigned to you will be synced from Sugar to Google and vice versa. The sync interval between Google & Sugar is done every hour or 15 minutes (depending on your subscription plan).

How to view events from SugarCRM in Google

To view events from Sugar, click on the SugarCRM calendar.
Note: The SugarCRM Calendar is different from your personal calendar.

Creating an Event via Google Calendar

Creating and editing events must be done from the SugarCRM Calendar in Google.
Please refer to the image below on how to save an event to your SugarCRM calendar.

Copying an Event from your Personal Calendar to your SugarCRM Calendar

1. Click the event you want to edit. On the pop-up window, click on the pencil icon to edit the event. 

2. Click on More Actions

3. Select Copy to SugarCRM from the dropdown menu. 

4. Edit the information and click on Save.

5. Once the event is moved, Collabspot will sync this event to your SugarCRM instance during the auto update.

Limitations of Collabspot Sync

  • Only events that are assigned to you in Sugar can be synced to Google.

  • Repetitive events in Google will not be synced to Sugar (Limitation of Sugar API).

  • Events that you are a participant in will not sync to Google. If you are a participant and accepted an event through your Google Calendar; the event will not be saved in your Google SugarCRM calendar, it will be saved to your personal/primary calendar by default. For this to sync, copy the event from your personal Calendar to your SugarCRM Calendar in Google.
    Note: You will see two events saved on your Google calendar. One event in your personal calendar (which you are a participant) and the other will be under the SugarCRM calendar. 

Deleting an event from your Google SugarCRM Calendar

Events that are deleted from Google-SugarCRM calendar will automatically be deleted during the Auto Sync Update. Using the manual update in the Collabspot Portal will not delete the event in Google. Please wait for the Auto Sync update for the event to be deleted.

To know how long your sync time is, please contact