Collabspot serves as the link between your Sugar and Google Contacts. This means that you can view your Sugar Contacts on any device that can access/view Google Contacts.

Requirements when doing the sync via Collabspot Portal

  • The user should have access to the Contacts Module on SugarCRM

  • If a user has no access to the contacts module, Sugar administrator has to grant them access.

  • A Contact should be created by the user or is assigned to them.

  • Contacts that are not assigned to a user or is assigned to a team where the user does not have access to will not be displayed in the sidebar.

  • Auto Complete option should be disabled to prevent multiple contacts being created. This prevents creating duplicate contacts in the SugarCRM group and Other Contacts group. It is advisable to create new contacts and add them to Sugar via Collabspot sidebar.

Additional Information

  • This feature will only allow you to sync contacts from SugarCRM to your Google Contacts, not vice versa.

  • Creating contacts should only be done via Collabspot sidebar or through SugarCRM.

  • Contacts that exists on Google contacts but is not found in SugarCRM are not automatically added during sync process.

  • Contact sync time interval is set to every hour or 15 minutes, depending on your subscription plan.

  • If a contact is edited or deleted directly in Google Contacts. Since the sync is only one way from SugarCRM to Google,  the contact will re-appear in your Google Contacts after the automatic sync update.

  • The button "Sync to Google Contacts" found in the Collabspot sidebar will sync any contacts, even those that are not assigned to you. This is the difference when doing the sync via Collabspot portal.

Sync Time

Here is the sync time for all Collabspot subscriptions and CRMs:

To get faster sync time, we have a 15 minute sync for $3 per user/per month additional charge ( available for Sugar 6 users). Please contact to activate this feature.