This appears when you have entered the Sugar URL, username, and password incorrectly.

Please setup again Collabspot for Sugar7 in Gmail by following the steps below:

I. Remove Collabspot for Sugar7 

1. Copy and paste this link on the Address bar: chrome://extensions/
2. Look for your Collabspot for Sugar7 extension.
3. Select the trash bin icon beside Enable button to uninstall the extension.

II. Reinstall Collabspot for Sugar7

1. Please go to this Link to reinstall.
2. Before you re-enter your SugarCRM credentials, please note the following instructions below.

A. Verify if the username and password entered are correct. 

Logout of SugarCRM and please use the same credentials you want to use with Collabspot when you re-login to your SugarCRM account. 

If the same username and password are working then you can use this to login to Collabspot.

B. Check if your SugarCRM URL entered is correct. 

Always use https or http at the beginning. To do this copy the link of your SugarCRM URL

And enter the URL and if there is no hypertext observed in the field, manually insert "http" or "https". In this case we're using the "http" so we entered it as

Never include unneccessary URL's because your sidebar will get stuck at initializing after. Like in our case, our SugarCRM Server URL ends after ".com" as

Only copy the relevant URL like the one highlighted above and do not include others like the example below

If you are unsure what SugarCRM Server URL to use, please contact your Admin or IT.

C. Reset your Sugar password.

D. You're using Private Network: Chances are when Collabspot is trying to access your Sugar, your Network may have restricted request coming from Collabspot. It is very important that your Network allows access to Collabspot's Server. Your IT or Admin must allow access to the following IP addresses:

Please open up HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) ports for the 3 IP addresses.

Are you still experiencing issues? email