Once Collabspot is added to Chrome, gmail launches automatically and Collabspot window will popup in your Gmail. You may now proceed to the next step:

Login to Collabspot

Before using Collabspot, you need to perform these steps:

1. Activate Collabspot in your Gmail.

2. Popup window will ask you to grant access to Collabspot. Please follow the prompts.

3. You will be required to enter your Sugar Credentials. Don't forget to click "Login to SugarCRM". 

IMPORTANT: Please enter the correct Sugar Server URL. See example below

4. Initalizing may take more than a minute. 

     NOTE: If your sidebar has been stuck for more than an hour then please go to this link: Stuck at Initializing

5. After successful configuration, you should now see Collabspot's default Home view in the sidebar:

Are you still experiencing issues during the installation? email support@collabspot.com