Sometimes, when Collabspot releases a new update your old cache messes up with the new update causing issues when trying to access Collabspot. To do a quick fix, please try the following steps: 

I. Clearing Cache and Cookies
1. In your address bar, paste this link "chrome://settings/clearBrowserData"
2. Select "Cookies.. and Cached images.." checkboxes
3. Hit Clear browsing data button

4. Restart Chrome and Gmail.

II. Enable/Disable Collabspot
1. In your Address bar, paste this link "chrome://extensions/".
2. Look for your Collabspot extension.

3. On your Collabspot extension, tick enabled checkbox to disable and tick again to reenable. 

4. Reload Gmail or Quit Chrome and restart.

III Reinstall Collabspot
1. On the same page " chrome://extensions/ "
2. Delete Collabspot by clicking the Trash icon.

3. Reinstall Collabspot by clicking this link Collabspot:SugarCRM7
4. Re-enter your SugarCRM credentials.

IV. Install Collabspot on a new Chrome Profile/Person
1. Click the Person Name button located at the upper-right corner of your Chrome web browser.

2. Then Click the "Switch Person" button

3. A pop-up window will appear. Hit "Add Person"

4. Then install Collabspot from the new Chrome Person. Please see previous instructions on how to install Collabspot.


Please contact if you still encounter the same issue.