Admin Dashboard

To access Collabspot portal, click on this link. You can also access Collabspot Dashboard via Collabspot Sidebar > Gear Icon > Select "Open Collabspot Portal". 

View Performance of each users on your Team
Admins can review individual performance and easily access each users or team's email tracking reports. The Email Analytics details your team’s performance providing an overview of email tracking statistics, top template use, most contacts reached, top links clicked, and CRM usage by the whole team. 

Users Activity Report

1. Filter activities by period.

2. Select which report you want to view (user or team).

3. The Users Activity Report provides member by member performance with details (i.e. total nos. of emails sent, emails tracked, opened, replied and links clicked).

Sent - Nos. of outgoing e-mails from Gmail when using Collabspot (This report won't count if e-mails are sent to the same domain of the account holder).

Tracked - E-mails that were sent and tracked by Collabspot.

Opened - Nos. of tracked e-mails opened by the recipients (This report won't count recipients who are also using Collabspot).

Clicked - Nos. of clicked link from tracked e-mails (This report won't count if link are clicked by recipients who are also using Collabspot).

Replied - Nos. of replies from tracked e-mails received in Gmail (This report counts anyone who replies to the same thread or forwards the same email).

Contacts Reached - Nos. of people emailed by the user (This report won't count people which uses the same domain of the account holder).