Manage Teams
Global Team is auto created by default. If you wish to manage a different team aside from Global, you need to create a new team first. To create a new team just follow the instructions on this page.

Customize a Team's settings


Assign a regular member to be the Moderator of a specific Team

Team Moderators can only view the reports of its members and remove members on its assigned team. Team moderators are restricted to view information from other teams or members.

Assign a Moderator

1. Select a Team.

2. Navigate to Team Moderators Tab.
3. Select which user you want to set as moderator.

4. Don't forget to click Save.

5. User assigned as Team Moderator should see the Team's Report or each member's activities on his Dashboard.


Set default settings for the team
Team Settings
Allows you to set the default settings on a team. If this is activated, users will not be able to edit their settings in Collabspot.

How to Set Team Settings

  1. Collabspot Portal > Manage Teams > Click on the {Team Name}
  2. Navigate to Team Settings tab.
  3. Place a check on Enforce Team Settings.
  4. Set the Collabspot settings.
  5. Click on Save.



The next time your users will restart Chrome or refresh Gmail, their settings should now match your enforced settings. Members will no longer be able to edit settings.