Deploying Collabspot 

Collabspot must be installed per Chrome Profile, browser, laptop and desktop. Advise all users to Install Collabspot via this link. Click here to see other ways to install collabspot across your enterprise.

If you need to deploy using another method, please contact

Manage Users

This page allows an Admin to view all list of existing users. Admins will have the option to remove a user one by one or remove them by bulk. An Admin can also set multiple admins or remove others.


Invite Users to be a part of your team

1. Make sure that you are logged in using the Admin email address.

2. Add their email address on the Collabspot Portal > Manage UsersManage and send invites. 
You will have the options to send one by one or send by bulk.


3. Invited users will receive an email called Collabspot Team Invitation.

4. Resend or Cancel Invite by hitting the X button when needed.

5. Advise new users to click on Accept the invitation and refresh Gmail to allow the changes to take effect.


Users may want to check their Spam folder if the emails are not showing in their Inbox.

If a user has already installed Collabspot prior to the invitation email, it might still appear as uninvited in the Manage Users page. Please send an email to when this happens.