A. Responsibilities

  • Manage your subscription
  • Manage users and teams
  • Review team analytics 


B. Request Additional Licenses

When do you ask for additional licenses?

  • This occurs when you cannot add new licenses on the Collabspot Portal.

How to request for additional licenses?

  • Only the Collabspot Admin can request for additional licenses. Email support@collabspot.com with the following information:
                    1. Number of licenses to add

                    2. Email address of the Admin


Note: If a non-admin requests for additional licenses, please advise them to CC the Admin to the additional license request.

C. Manage your Subscription

Contact support@collabspot.com if you need to:

  • Add or remove licenses/seats
  • Upgrade or downgrade your subscription
  • Request details about your subscription
  • Renew subscription
  • Change payment/billing information

Collabspot Support Operating Hours

Monday-Friday (8am - 12mn EST) 

D. Training

  • Get a quick overview
  • Get a detailed information about how to maximize Collabspot to help you save time and close more deals.