Deploy Collabspot to your organization in a breeze. Our team of experts has come up with a thoroughly tested process that will make your deployment easy. These steps will boost your SugarCRM adaption and drive an efficient workflow.

Setting Up
An admin needs to install the extension from this linkAfter installing the Collabspot, it should appear as you are still on trial version.

Login to Collabspot

  • After installing Collabspot, you should be prompted to login by providing your SugarCRM credentials (Sugar Server URL, Username, and Password). For more information on how to Login to Collabspot, click here.

Set up Administrative rights

  • Submit ticket at to get administrative privileges enabled for your Collabspot account, if you don’t already have it. Once you have subscribed, your account will be converted to paid subscription. 

Set up your Team Management in Collabspot Portal

Custom Configuration 

  • If your organization wishes to change and enhance some features or customize the display in Collabspot sidebar, we can tailor-fit the extension based on your business need. Please go to this link to check the requirements our team needs to evaluate your requests.

Best Practices 

Deploy Collabspot across your Enterprise

  • To be more efficient, Google apps admin can pre-install Collabspot across your organization via the Google Apps admin policy. To learn more, follow the steps from this link.
  • Individual install can be done by going to this link. 

Schedule a demo with Collabspot 

  • You can request for a demo from Brandon, our VP for Sales at brandon@collabspot.comSchedule a date and time, he’ll get back with you as soon as possible. Our team will provide training based on your specific needs and Collabspot configuration.

Self-Help Training

Collabspot Solutions Center

  • Our Help Center is designed to provide end-users with a complete self-service support option. You can get relevant information from FAQs. If you can't find an answer, you can submit a request by sending an email to support@collabspot.comOr chat with us! 

Advance Tools

Explore Admin Dashboard

  • Admins can review individual performance and easily access each users or team's email tracking reports:
        1. Each Users Activity Report
        2. Email Statistics and Analytics

Manage Your Teams

  • Assign Team leaders that can manage and review each member’s reports.
  • Set default settings for every team.
  • Export Team Reports as CSV files


Learn about how Collabspot works

  • Collabspot Basics Get a quick overview of how Collabspot works.
  • Help Center Get detailed information about how to maximize Collabspot to help you save time and close more deals.