Outgoing Emails

Collabspot allows you to archive the emails you receive straight from Gmail to Sugar. 

We archive two types of emails: incoming (received) and outgoing (sent) emails. 

In this section we will learn how to archive outgoing emails / emails sent.

Auto-archive Outgoing Emails

Automatically set All outgoing emails to be saved in Sugar.

1. Go to Collabspot options.

2. Set 'Add Outgoing emails to SugarCRM' to YES.

How to Archive Outgoing Emails

There are different ways to archive emails to Sugar:

1. Automatically archive to related contacts or accounts. Archives email to contacts and accounts related to the email addresses on the To, CC, and BCC fields.

Note: Ensure that 'Copy to SugarCRM' has a check mark.

2. Customize where the email can be archived. Emails can be archived to Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases that are not related to the email addresses on the To, CC, and BCC field.

3. Archive per Contact - Automatically places a checkmark on Copy to SugarCRM for the selected Contact only.


In the image above, the Copy to SugarCRM button will be automatically checked whenever you send an email to a specific Contact.