Issue: Collabspot for Sugar 7 taken down by Google


We are currently experiencing an issue where our Collabspot extension for Sugar 7 has been taken down by Google:


We have also tried downloading the extension from our website, but unfortunately our website and the Chrome extension web store are connected. This issue will affect new sign-ups for the Sugar 7 extension. Please bear with us as we are investigating the issue at hand. We are currently working on a work-around for this, and we will update this article as we get more light on this issue. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to should you have any concerns.

Thank you,

Jerome Jimenez

Customer Success

Collabspot Pte. Ltd.

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The new Collabspot for Sugar 7 version has been released and is now ready for download at the Collabspot website You can also download it by visiting the link here: 

We thank you all for your patience.


We have released a new version of Collabspot: Gmail for SugarCRM 7 Classic 2017.7.28.1058. This new version is still in "PENDING REVIEW", and might take a couple of hours to a couple of business days before it gets approved. The Collabspot team is currently running some quick tests to ensure that the extension is working properly.